Thursday, June 3, 2010

Yarn Yarn Yarn

I went to Joanne's today to pick up some yarn and saw that a container I've wanted for some time,but was too much,was on sale.Yay!!!So,I got my daughter one for her writings and me one for what I'm working on and can just carry it around with me. I wanted to also show you a pic of a 9 point afghan I've started,just testing to see how I'd like it.I like it,it reminds me of ice cream,a great summer afghan.

9 point afghan round Ripple

CH 4 and join with a SL ST to form a loop.
Row 1:
CH4 (to stand as 1DC and CH1) *1DC into loop, CH1*, Repeat * to * 7 times more. Join
with a SL ST into 3rd CH.
Row 2:
SL ST into first SP, CH3, 1DC into same SP, *CH2, 2DC into next CH SP*, Repeat * to *
7 times more, CH2, Join with a SL ST as before.
Row 3:
SL ST into next DC and into next SP, CH3, 1DC, CH2, 2DC into the same SP, [2DC, CH2,
2DC] (Shell made) into each SP to end of the row. Join as before.
Row 4:
SL ST into next DC, CH3, Shell into next SP, 1DC into next DC, *SK next 2DC, 1DC into
next DC, Shell into next SP, 1DC into next DC* repeat * to * to end of row. Join as
Row 4 forms pattern so repeat this row as many times as you need to,if it starts to not lay flat, then do a round with just 1DC, CH2, 1DC into the point.I use my trusty old G size hook,but you can use whatever size hook you want.

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