Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Orange Pomanders

Well,it's getting that time again and I have to help set the mood with the aromas of the holidays.we made orange pomanders.I got a bottle of whole cloves at Costco,you know I'm a Costkite,so much cheaper.

1.Some people poke holes with toothpicks before putting the cloves in,I don't.I get sore fingers towards the end,just the way I've always done it.But,for kids,good idea to make preholes.

2.First line the cloves for the ribbon position,then fill in the rest.

3.Squeeze orange just a tad,so juice will be at the top and when I sprinkle cinnamon all over orange,it will stick a little.

4.Tie on ribbon,and Oh,I love the smell of the cloves,orange and cinnamon,it makes the room smell wonderful!

5.You'll have left over cloves pieces,do this over bowls,the powder and broken pieces to in the bowl and when you sprinkle cinnamon,also.You can use this leftover for simmering or putting in potpourri.I add orange pieces with cloves,nutmeg and cinnamon for simmering in the holidays.And many times just simmer spices,around summer,I use apples and cinnamon.

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