Sunday, May 24, 2009

Little Robin Red Breast..

Today,we found a little red robin among the wild strawberries.It had apparently came out of the tree and the parents could not get it back up in the tree,there was no nest there anymore.First we were going to bring it in,to keep predators from getting it.It is about one to two weeks away from flying.We thought the parents were gone,but my husband was cutting the grass and along comes the mother with a worm to feed it.So,he quickly goes and gets the bird from in the house and puts it back,oh my goodness the mother and father were flying around having a fit.Here comes the mother when he leaves,feeds the baby the worm.The dilema was,we couldn't leave it on the ground for predators,so he nailed a plant holder bottom,w/holes in it to a tree branch.He put some foliage in it and the bird,the Mom is happy,she comes and feeds it.

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