Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Movie Weekend...

Everyone knows I am a Christmas movie freak.Today was The Bishops Wife and the '96 remake,The Preachers Wife.The Bishops Wife stars Cary Grant,Loretta Young and David Niven in a story about an angel who helps a bishop with his problems.A little trivia tidbit,David Niven was originally cast to be the angel and Cary Grant the preacher,but the producer had them switch up.The Preacher's Wife is a little different,but absolutely adorable.My favorite part was where the boiler is about to blow.LOL And the Christmas baskets being delivered by Henry and Julia.What a great idea they had in making baskets up for people and delivering them.For a Christmas tradition ,you could buy baskets on sale after holidays through the year and items on sale,one great idea they had is socks,I was thinking,gloves,stocking hats,coloring books,crayons,items on sale through the year.Put in a Christmas card and a Christmas bread,like banana bread,carrot cake,etc or cookies.Maybe for a little girl,a barbie doll,matchbox cars for little boys,etc.

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