Friday, July 4, 2008

Sewing Area...

I sat up a table in my living room just so my husband and daughter could have me in the same room while they were watching tv and I was crafting.It's just a little bit of my stuff,but I've tucked some things here and there incognito.Luckily the table folds down,so when I work on something,I can just pull up the front piece.The back piece is down,so this table doesn't take up all that much room.This ribbon holder is actually a quilt holder that hangs on the wall,I just slipped the ribbon rolls on the dowels and laid it on the table.My thread holder is actually a plastic fishing box you put your little fishing accessories in,works great for thread.

The pattern in the basket is a friend's,Andi Tanner,she makes beautiful dolls.You can put craft things in so many things,baskets,boxes,tins,my granddaughters gave me this paper mache heartbox that they modgepodged a bunch of cut out pics of themselves,I love it.

These big plastic containers that you can buy cheeseballs or pretzels in are great for putting crafts in that you want to see into.

I painted these claypots and modgepodged printouts on them,they are great to put little tealights in.

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