Thursday, May 8, 2008

A rosey morning...

I love waking up to blooming roses and birds singing everywhere.I go outside and birds are flying from tree to tree,nests are being made.Geese were in the sky this morning,I love thier honky noises.Everytime I grab my camera the birds fly from my trees,across the street,but I want a closer pic,so I got to be sneeky.I think it's a game with them now,they're watching me.I know it's a game to them,because they'll be three right around the deck,I run in,grab my camera and come out,they swoosh!!!
One was on the ground outside my door this morning,I backed up slowly,it turned around and swoosh!!!One mama robin,they're gray with a reddish orange belly,came next to me,sit on top of fence,she stopped,looked at me,I slowly put my hand down for my camera.She let me so much as put the camera up and swoosh!!!She flew away and kept coming back,but wouldn't stay still enough for a good picture.I will win this battle,I'm the human!!!LOL On the back deck this morning I took a pic of the mama robin's nest in the tree next to the fence,but it was a little rainy so the pic was too dark.I'll take another one,hopefully with the mama.

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