Friday, April 25, 2008


With warm weather here,been busy with flowers and fixing up the deck.Got a standing porch swing with a little awning top.We moved in here to rent till the economy picks up and we can buy,so we're fixing this up till then.The deck is in serious need of staining,but with a birthday party next weekend,we have to wait till after.I will show pics of the progress as we go.But,it's still a comfy little area and we thank the Lord we have a place to call home for now.

I've been potting flowers and pulling weeds and those wretched little caterpillars that turn to moths are everywhere.Spend more time getting rid of those than weeding.I have one of those purple trees next to my back fence and cardinals are flying in and out of it.

I love cardinals,if they'll stay still long enough,I'll get a picture.Two male cardinals are arguing over a female and if they don't stop,she'll just fly away to another tree.She likes the attention,but that male rivalry can get to a lady,it grows tiring after awhile.Ha They seem to be paying more attention to the fighting than to her and she'll have none of that.I transplanted my hibiscus to a big claypot and sit it outside today,it will do good outside.I was surprised how well it did all winter,my first tropical


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