Saturday, February 16, 2008

Valentine's Day...

So our day started as making heart shaped pancakes.Then we went to the florists and got red roses w/babies breath,WooHoo!I went to Shoppers to get a pink strawberry cake,had to get down on hands and knees to find one last one all the way in the back on bottom shelf,hey,I was determined,grabbed cream cheese icing and vanilla icecream.I got three helium pink balloons with candy hearts on them,so cute,for my girls and bag of sour cream chips for son,so he didn't feel left out.

I always make the 13xwhatever pan for a cake,sometimes a bundt,but I decided I was going to make the two round layer cake to put in my glass cake plate.Well,there's something about these moist cakes,sometimes as you're frosting them,they kind of fall apart and this one ofcourse did,it was great we were laughing so hard,the poor cake looked pitiful and my daughter wanted sprinkle color balls on it and they weren't sticking they were just falling off and that made us laugh harder,(had to be there),anyway it tasted awesome.

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