Friday, December 7, 2007

Packing suggestion...

I am a yankee candle nut and love scents.In all my buckets in storage,I put yankee candles and potpourri,when you open the top it all smells wonderful,your stuff smells good and when you put it all out,your house will smell good.Makes it your smell already in the house.I'm into a scent of a home,tells alot about the person.Some homes have animal smells,yuck,I have a puppy,fish,gecko and parakeets,keep the cages clean and puppy accidents are cleaned right then.Nothing's worse than walking into a zoo smelling home,sets a thought about that person when you think of them.Some homes are cleaning agent smells,a certain cleaner,some are a certain potpourri or candle smell,when you smell it somewhere else you think of them.You can get fabreeze and spray your curtains,that helps,I just got the lavendar vanilla scent,yummy.You can simmer cinnamon,cloves,nutmeg,etc in a little pan of water,instant potpourri,don't leave it though,it can evaporate rather quickly.Scents go down into the pours of wood,ever smell a piece of furniture from being stored,you can get the scent out,wash it off,clean it with a wood wash,like Murphys Soap.Scents go into fabric,like curtains and carpets.Anyway,just remember the smell of your home is how many people think of you when you're not around,especially if it's a smoking home,scents are very powerful triggers in your brain.You know when as an adult you smell a scent that reminds you of a whole childhood memory or person.

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