Thursday, April 23, 2015

My day today

Busy month

We had a wedding, my oldest daughter got married. I made my granddaughter a black tutu with a satin slip underneath, the colors were black and pink. She was the flower girl, it was so funny, because she was suppose to throw the rose petals, which were silk. She didn't want to throw petals, she was sitting down each petal and positioning each just right, and if she wasn't satisfied she'd go back to the ones laid and fix them. Her mother had to go help her throw the petals, it was great! My grandson who is three, was the ring bearer, he ran down the aisle with his little pillow, (thank goodness the ring was tied tight with ribbon), because he ran up to my son in law and threw the pillow at him. LOL

The roses were gorgeous, if anyone has a Wegman's around they got them there, we made the corsages, just a rose with a touch of baby's breathe and the bouquet. When you came in there was a table to sign your name on a piece of puzzle to put in a box, so later they could put the puzzle together and can see the guests names. There was little bubble tubes, and candy corn in a little bag with a Thank you sticker on the front. A candy table with alot of goodies, little bags to make up yourself, there were sandwiches, chips, fruit, nuts, dips, etc on other tables. There was this beautiful columned structure not far from the community center, just up the street, so we walked over there for the photos after the wedding while the guests stayed and started eating.

My daughter makes cupcakes and wanted to make her own cupcakes and cake with two puzzle pieces on top, they love doing puzzles together, that was fun. You don't have to spend a fortune on a wedding, there were about 50 people, the family helped out with the food and drinks. We used a community center across from her father in law's house, and used his house to get dressed. A community center is perfect, because chairs are already there, a kitchen and there's so much room, one section was the wedding with the chairs, the other huge room was set up for food tables and a couple of couches and chairs, after the wedding, the folding chairs were set up on either side of the wedding room for sitting/eating and dancing in the middle. A friend is a DJ so he played the music.

They did order their candy from online, but only because it was specialty items she had always wanted to do, you can buy glass vases and fill it with candy from anywhere. They got their invitations and thank you cards from online. Her friend was a photographer so it didn't cost as much, we all helped decorate, got food from Costco made up sandwiches, chips, sodas and bought decorations at Michaels. She bought her dress at the bridal shop on sale, and I bought my daugther's bridesmaid dress on sale. She only had one bridesmaid, her sister, and he had one groomsmen, flower girl and ringbearer were her niece and nephew. Ofcourse the flower girl and ringbearer had everyone laughing, it was all fun and beautiful.

They set an event page up on facebook, and asked if anyone wanted to give gifts they had a registry at Bed Bath and Beyond, and please no checks. You'd be surprised how people love to give giftcards for money or giftcards from Bed, Bath and Beyond. That way they got to use the money cards for their honeymoon, which they'd already purchased plane tickets earlier, that gave them spending money. Checks have to clear, takes time and people would rather not use personnal checks anyway, so that worked out great. Her friend fed her cats, and checked her mail. She has friends at work that take turns whenever anyone goes on vacation.  :) We all cleaned up afterwards, so the bride and groom, ofcourse didn't have to, but they did organize the decorating the night before and set up. They had fun doing all of this, but were so glad when everything went off so well, everyone had a good time and most of the guests were family from both sides, and some friends. They went to Florida for their honeymoon. Here's a little collage I made up.