Friday, July 25, 2014

July almost over...

Wooeeee!!! I've had such a busy summer, mainly watching grandbabies and that's a handful, but I love it. One son has three, another a new baby, having so much fun being with them. It will quiet down when school starts and I'll only have two here. Anyway, I've starting working on the Sisterhood Crochet Blanket... It was so awesome for them to share and I know many have worked it.

I'll be going to the orchard soon, peaches are out, but ready for the apples to come, also. I know once I go I'll be all excited about making jelly and pies. I'm mostly excited, because it's almost August and next will be AUTUMN!!!! I can't wait, my favorite time of year. This summer has flown by. I'm also crocheting Barbie doll clothes. I bought a Barbie with just a bathing suit, because one of my granddaughter's presents will be a box with the Barbie and clothes for Christmas. :D