Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day...

We're having a good Father's Day, he got to sleep in, which was his best present. :D He got french toast and bacon for breakfast, which always makes the house smell so good. He wanted to stay home, because it's crowded out there, hot and he gets tired of driving thru the week. So sometimes the best time is just hanging at home.

I made these cupcakes for my daughter who makes cupcakes and I wanted them to look like her's.
I'm going to crochet her some of these above she did for a boy's birthday party. I also took a photo of her kitty, Lilly. She's so cute, loves to hide up in her curtain, on the cedar box, and look out the window. 
Also, my younger daughter is still dressing up her Molly, yesterday it was a Princess Fairygodmother. LOL The little glass tealight holders are the glass slippers. :)

Then she got tired of it and started to take it off...
What I love about the summer is my rose bushes and this one started getting tons of buds. I started grabbing some today to dry. I love to dry them out, put some petals in jars and just hang some of them up. 
Well, have to get back to Father's Day to hang out, watch a movie and daughter will bring over Red Robin take out, can't beat that. :D