Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is coming...

My flowers started coming up this last week and my trees are budding.Can't wait till the Cherry Tree blooms,but my little yellow tree has already.Spring is coming,YAY!I love the winter,but Fall best,after January I start wanting Spring.

I got mustard and ketchup bottles,along with yellow and red trays at the Party Store,I felt all nostalgic and they reminded me of old diners. :) Somewhere I'm going to find little paper frenchfry holders and little ketchup cups,Costco didn't have them,think I'll try BJ's.I know restaurants still use those things.

My daughter got me a bag of Sixlets candy at the Party Store,actually it's Party City.They come in little sizes,but these were so colorful.She also got me a Remember When Book for your birthday year,that was fun,this Koolaid advertisement for back then was funny.Here's what it said...

"Koolaid sure comes to the aid of the party."
"Oh boy,is this Koolaid good."
"That's because the flavor's locked in.And it has the Parent's magazine seal."
"We can have a party anytime,because Mom always has Koolaid in the icebox."
"My Mom gets all 6 flavors." :)