Sunday, March 31, 2013

My daughter bought me a Keurig a number of years ago for a birthday present, I love it. However I have one of those little cups you can put in ground coffee, instead of Keurig cups and never had luck with that thing, I like strong coffee, because I use alot of creamor, sooo when I fill it, oh my gosh, what a mess. When I put less, it's not strong enough. Forget that, I'll only use Kcups.

The other day I wanted to grind up some of my coffee beans. I pulled out my coffee maker, saw my old popcorn hot air machine and thought, "Why don't I ever use that?". I haven't used it in forever and they're so neat. How many gadgets do we have that we just stop using or whatever, because we get things easier? Microwave popcorn is so easy, just throw it in, yet that butter on it is not butter. So I pulled out the popcorn machine with my coffee maker.

It's so easy to just pop in a Kcup and so fast, I didn't think my coffee in the Mr Coffee was ever gonna get done. LOL It was good though and so I tried the popcorn maker, it was fun watching it. It also tasted good with real butter instead of, well, I don't know what that fake butter stuff is on the microwave popcorn and the maker was surprisingly fast.Just for your FYI, my daughter got the red striped popcorn cup in the dollar section in Target. Don't bother, it's cute, but when the outside paint starts coming off on your hands and it's "Made in China", that can't be good. @@

Target had the Pop Secret popcorn, it popped up pretty good, it's where the microwave popcorn is sold. I'd try 1/4 cup at first to gauge how much you'll need and the machine can get pretty warm, so kids shouldn't be using it. You don't put the butter in the machine, just microwave some, but we all know that. :D I'm just saying it in case some young person reading this decides to pull out Mom's old popcorn maker to use it.

I thought of this, because this evening my teen was heating up some cinnamon sticks and icing pack in the microwave. I watched her pull off the foil top of the icing and throw it away. I remember her first experience of putting foil in the microwave, sparks and spits of fire were popping, freaked her out. She doesn't need to be told now. LOL I did the same thing years ago when I put in a butter stick with foil paper on it. I'd never had a microwave before, and I learned real fast what not to put in one. :D Now I think I'm going to pull out that bread machine and check it out. 

 It was a really nice day today and very peaceful. I felt like cooking and working on my afghan. I made a Sour Cream Banana Cake with cream cheese frosting, hadn't made it in awhile and felt nostalgic today. :) I have tons of recipe books, but it seems my favorite ones are in an old folder I've had for years. You can tell by the recipe page it's been very much used. LOL

So when my husband came home from work, he could smell barbecue chicken and banana cake. Was he ever happy, then we watched Lincoln on demand, was very slow, more like a documentary. They did a good job with Lincoln, one of my fav actors, Daniel Day Lewis.

Friday, March 29, 2013

My DIL and son brought me my first spring flower to plant outside today.

I finished the little knitted blanket for my daughter. It's a small blanket that's from one of her favorite shows.

I also started another one, using Lion Brand Pound of Love and it's the antique white,the pink is Deborah Norville's Baby Pink. I'm excited, my first changing colors and it's no big deal, but for me it's another stepping stone. :D