Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Tomorrow's Father's Day and as with every holiday and birthday it becomes a weekend or week event.I have five kids and Nana to four.Second son turned 25 today,so this is a busy weekend.We had a surprise party for him last night.Why do they call it a surprise party like they don't know if they haven't heard what we'll be doing,they don't know we're doing something?LOL I guess it's the kid in all of us,we want to be part of a little adventure.I read some cards with half the county in Target today and as usual couldn't find a good one for daddy's day.Why do they assume all Dads play golf or sports?You'd think that was a criteria for being a man today,mine is a movie loving freak.I swear he's so obsessed with Transformers coming out,he has just about every toy and comic.That's okay,what he spends I can match,WooHoo,more crafts for me!Anyway,like a said the cards were stupid,so I got him a movie giftcard and he's going out to Red Robin for dinner.Ofcourse that's not counting the toys he got when they came out two weeks ago for the movie.Give hugs and kisses to the Dads,they carry a huge burden the Lord has given them being responsible for us.

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